Pancho Villa, The Mexican Revolution and Marijuana

I was looking up some information on Pancho Villa and I came across this article.

Pancho Villa, The Mexican Revolution and Marijuana.

With a title like this how could you not open and read it?  Fascinating aspects of this article stem from the soldiers Villa counted on to fight.  The Yaqui Indians were part of his militia and because of their propensity of smoking marijuana as part of their cultural identity this was an aspect of Villa’s fighting contingent.  In addition the article promotes the notion of Villa smoking marijuana before battle to become “max valiante” (more valiant).  Kind of fun to think about Pancho Villa smoking marijuana before going into battle.  I guess whatever it takes. go Pancho!

Hope you all enjoy!


Women of the Mexican Revolution

Women of the Mexican Revolution are an intriguing aspect of the revolution in Mexico.
Because of this I just wanted to offer some visuals of these great women!


women fightersMexican Women Revolutionaries

soldadera06mex soldadera