Children of the Mexican Revolution

On page 141 of The Mexican Revolution 1910-1940 by Michael Gonzales there is a picture of a child revolutionary (picture below).
child revolutionary

This picture was intriguing and led me to research more about the children of the Mexican Revolution.  Throughout world history there are groups of people that are dismissed or omitted by historical record that played important roles.  The Mexican Revolution was no different.  For many, when people envision revolution or war, those who were the ones firing the weapons are at the forefront of historical record.  In many instances women and children are the forgotten about entities involved in the devastation and upheaval.  Surprisingly and thankfully there was quite a bit of research and published material on these children, but there is a renewed emphasis to try and preserve photographs, stories, and accounts of the children’s role and life during the Mexican Revolution.  

What needs to be remembered about the children of the Mexican Revolution was there inclusion into the horrors of conflict.  For many children their involvement was due to their mothers being involved by being in a support role for their men or in a fighting role.  Because of this close interaction with conflict these children were soldiers, caretakers, and instrumental in the military affairs of both sides of the revolution.  Children were also victims of the revolution with countless being killed.  For children during the Mexican Revolution it was damned situation to be in.  If you were able to survive it was hard and full of struggle, not suitable for a child.  The alternative a death was realistic and common.  To be a child in the Mexican Revolution was a horrible circumstance, which cannot be understated.


mex revolutionary boy


Mexican_Revolution detained




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